ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe fears no dirt. The host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs rolls up his sleeves every week and travels the country to take on some of America’s filthiest jobs. Whether it’s turkey farming, snake handling, or sewage facility maintenance, Mike somehow manages to complete each task while educating and entertaining. But this being ShopTalk Crush of the Week, we’re less interested in learning and more interested in leering, which means we also like the Rowe man for his strong back, sky-blue eyes, and rugged good looks—the same traits that probably prompted People magazine to name him one of 2008’s Sexiest Men Alive. Tonight I’m looking forward to watching him flex his muscles while working as a cactus mover and maggot farmer. Sexy! Hey, Mike, if you’re reading, I have a suggestion for your next gig: magazine editing. Not dirty enough for you? It’s okay, we can work on that. (Photo credit: Discovery)


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