Lug Grand Opening, Just in Time for Holiday Travel

Our lovely intern Alicia Berger has the scoop. …

Lug, a company known for their innovative travel solutions and uniquely crafted product designs, has decided to unwrap a new flagship location in Dallas just prior to the hectic holiday travels we all abhor. Lug, once confined to Ontario, Canada, has journeyed south in search of new chic roots and is scheduled to unveil their airport-friendly products to Uptown locals on Saturday, December 6, from 2pm to 8pm. This Grand Opening promises to be, well, grand. There will be food, drinks, music, and beloved giveaways. Check out the Clearview Envelopes, only $20 for a 2 pack and perfect for the mini liquids you can’t function a weekend without, or the Taxi Full Tote in fog gray, which revamps the reputation of a utilitarian carry on. Lug USA, 2805 Allen St., Ste. 117


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