Love Sole-Killing Heels? Then Carry A Spare!

Every woman has been there. The totally fabulous three-inch heels seemed like a good idea when you left the house, but now your pretty little pedicured feet have become swollen, aching hooves just dying to break free from their miniature torture chambers. If you never again want to walk barefoot on a dirty sidewalk, parking lot, or other germ-laden surface while carrying a once-wonderful pair of overpriced stilettos, then you need to peep these peep-toe-pain saviors. Spare Soles are travel-friendly ballerina flats that come in a variety of colors and sizes and are designed to be a rescue tool for situations just like this. The rollable, bendable flats come with a handy pouch that should fit nicely in most purses. Buy online, or head over to J. Renee Shoes and More in Preston Royal Village (214-368-8030). Right now Spare Soles are on sale there for $12.95.


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