Jakks for Cracks

Speaking of butt cleavage/coin slots I too have tried a product that keeps your crack where it should be – hidden. Whenever I see someone’s “coin slot” peeking out from above their waistband I wonder, “Don’t they feel it sticking out?” I know I can tell when my pants have slipped down too far. Why can’t they? Maybe they’re butt cleavage-challenged. They sure could use JAKs, made by Miss Oops!, a company that has dedicated itself to helping us deal with all those unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions like lines of deoderant on our shirts and panty lines (even from thongs). Sorry, must make a side note here: One of my all-time pet peeves is thong panty lines! The whole purpose of thongs is so that no one can see your panty lines. However, with some pants you can still see the lines even if you are wearing a thong. THIS IS NOT OK! It defeats the whole purpose of the thong. Turn around and look in the mirror. If you can see any lines at all do not leave the house. In fact, try this Miss Oops product to solve the problem. Now, back to JAKs. As you can see from the photo above it is a stretchy piece of material that goes around your waist. When worn under a shirt, it looks like a cute little camisole. The material is soft and the lace is pretty. I’ve already worn mine several times and really love it. Plus, it keeps my middle warm in the winter and it holds my tummy in a bit too. Nice!


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