Genius! A Contemporary Garter Flask!

When the Juliette Garter Flask came in the mail to Kristin, it was love at first site for me. Our gorgeous make came in plum silk with a floral design. Tucked delicately inside the pocket was a sleek little silver flask. I knew I had to have it. Fortunately, Kristin is generous, and she handed it over. I cradled the little love, thinking of all of the wonderful things I could do with it. Creator Nanette suggests wearing it under your wedding gown to soothe wedding day jitters—I’ll need one for each leg—or wearing it as a bridesmaid at a bachelorette outing. (I wore it around the office for a little while.) But the uses don’t stop there! You can forget wearing a purse. Stuff your camera, cell, and lip gloss in there, too. I wish I had known about these things when I was in college. I would have filled up the flask for the football games. Be creative. The possibilities are endless! The garters can even be customized by color, initials, and the addition of crystals and pearls. To get your own, go to To see a photo of the real thing, jump.


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