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Stila to the Red Lipstick Rescue

By Kristin Hull |

After reading Katie’s blog yesterday I pulled out something I recently got from Stila. “Paint Your Pout Red” is a lip palette they’ve created that actually talks you through the red lip process. (Red lips are serious business.) Just press the button in the lid and a voice tells you what to do. I hear the hard part of finding the perfect red is that some people need a warm red, some a cool red and some a true red depending on your skin tone. That all sounds so complicated but this product gives you the opportunity to try all three and see which works best. And it’s not that any look bad, it’s just that they won’t all look like red on you. So you can use the other colors when you want a different shade. Plus, you’ll be the coolest kid on the block with a talking lip palette! Oh and don’t forget about this Stila online deal that I blogged about last week!

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