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ShopTalk Crush of the Week: David Cook


When it comes to American Idol, I’m about as predictable as a romantic comedy. I tend to root for the rockers, which means I’m usually disappointed at the end of the season. (Bo Bice, you were robbed! As were you, Chris Daughtry!) But I just can’t help myself. A scruffy face and an overly earnest interpretation of a classic rock tune get me every time. But then came David Cook. The Season 7 champ somehow managed to rock his way not only into my heart but also into America’s. The A.I. nation was finally on my side! Today Mr. Cook celebrates the release of his self-titled debut album featuring first single “Light On,” which makes him an obvious choice for Crush of the Week. If his first music video is any indication, D.C. is well on his way to heartthrob status. As iTunes reviewer shadowlovecookie says, “OMG…when David looks into the camera…those eyes melt me.” Couldn’t have said it better, shadowlovecookie.