ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Anderson Cooper

CNN anchor and hottie Anderson Cooper is many things: Emmy Award winner, truth seeker, dogged follower of all things hurricane-related, just to name a few. And any one of these things alone could have garnered him ShopTalk Crush of the Week honors at any given time. This week, however, the title goes to Anderson not because of any accomplishment or physical trait, but because of his admitted love for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes, you read that correctly. This smart, handsome man also has exceptional taste in television. In an election-day interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show (view the clip here), the silver fox schooled Ellen on the ins and outs of my current trashy fave from the Bravo lineup. And last night, on Anderson Cooper 360, he reiterated his fondness for the ATL gals and claimed his spot on Team NeNe. A guy who can discourse at length about politics, the environment, and reality television? Check, please! (Photo credit: CNN Worldwide)


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