Perfume-To-Go! Why Didn’t I Think of This?

When I received the new Happy Solid Perfume Pencils from Clinique, I was so excited that I immedialte ran to show them to Raya (she’s my fellow beauty product junkie). We wondered why no one had ever made them before because they are a brilliant idea. The gift set (available for $30 at Clinique counters nationwide in December) features three scents -“Wealth of Flowers,” “Hint of Citrus” and my personal favorite, “Happy.” They come with a special sharpener and the best part is that they won’t leak all over your purse like so many of those roller ball perfume bottles do. All three fragrances are fresh and light, and I’m a sucker for packing so I can’t help but love their bright, cheerful colors. They’re convenient and uncomplicated, and will fit into even the smallest purse. Put them on your wishlist for Santa, and buy them for every female you know. They (and you) will be grateful all year long!


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