I’m Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

So about three years ago I decided to finally get rid of that nasty bikini hair permanently. I decided on electrolysis based on a friend’s recommendation. She had been going to Lynne Rains for electrolysis for years and said she was the best. At my consultation, Lynne told me how long the process would take – about three to four years BUT I wouldn’t go every week. That’s not how it works. There would eventually be breaks of 3-6 months between appointments. You see, hair grows in cycles so after each appointment I would wait until the next cycle of hair popped through and then go see her again. As the process progresses the time between appointments gets longer and longer. Now, let’s talk pain. Yes, it hurts. Bad. But, I called my doctor and got a prescription for a numbing cream called Emla. I’d apply it two hours before my appointment so it had a lot of time to soak in and it worked like a charm!

All that aside, I like Lynne so much I might keep going to see her even after I am hair-free! (I’ve now got her started on my brows.) She’s sweet, funny, cool, thoughtful and smart, and we talk like we’ve been friends for years. I hear the same from her other clients as well. So say goodbye to that unwanted hair and hello to a new friend and skin like a baby’s bottom. (Seriously, it’s soooooo smooth I can’t believe it! And it never comes back!) Oh and Lynne was written about in the “Best of Big D 2005” issue as best electrologist. So there.


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