Green Gift Ideas from Current Energy

At a time when being kind to the environment is just as important as price, our friends at Current Energy have a few gift ideas for the earth-loving person on your list. No, they aren’t sexy. But these days I’m more interested in functionality, especially after buying a house. So I would totally dig this wind-up LED flashlight from Freeplay ($35) that doesn’t require batteries or bulbs.

This one would make a good stocking stuffer, especially for the yogi or gym rat on your list: a personal water filtration bottle ($14). Yes, I know. I have water bottle fatigue, too. But this one has a built-in filter, so it’ll remove any chlorine, bad taste, bad odors, heavy metals, lead, and mercury from your tap water. For more ideas, go to the Current Energy web site, or visit the store on Knox.


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