Yes, Sensai

You know we love facial treatments. Who doesn’t? They’re such a luxury—one that sometimes gets lost among hectic work schedules, trips to the gym, gourmet efforts in the kitchen, and [insert any one of the myriad other obligations we all try to balance]. It’s hard to find time for a 90-minute spa treatment. Twenty minutes at home, though? So do-able. Kanebo International’s Sensai Cellular Performance Lifting Mask ($180 @ Saks Fifth Avenue) delivers professional facial results in your own master bath, or in my case, on my couch while I watch What Not to Wear. After washing your face as you normally would, apply part one, the Lifting Concentrate—it’s a watery cream that’s supposed to “energize facial skin muscles.” Over the concentrate, apply the Lifting Peel-Off Mask, which seals in the concentrate and tightens the skin. It goes on just like any other peel-off mask but smells extra potent, in a good way. Then relax for 20 to 25 minutes. It seemed to take longer to dry than other like masks. But then again, it also felt more firm where others can feel rubbery or, conversely, too dry. Then, the big reveal. After peeling off the mask, my skin looked (and felt) markedly smoother. I followed with the Cellular Performance Recovery Concentrate Cream ($320 @ Saks), and I was glowing. Great news is, I’m still glowing three days later. I’m officially joining the Kanebo cult.


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