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Stick It To Me

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One of my favorite tricks for fixing wardrobe malfunctions is toupee tape. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a double-sided tape called TopStick that is intended to keep a toupee from moving around or worse, falling off. Fortunately, I don’t have to use it for that. But I do find it incredibly helpful when my blouses pull apart between the buttons due to my (ahem) ample bosom. I simply place a piece in the section that is pulling and it stays perfectly intact all day long. Toupee tape is also great for keeping low-cut shirts from revealing too much. It adheres to skin as well as to material and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Simply place it along the edges of your top, then press it against your body and voila, no embarassing mishaps. There are so many ways to utilize this fantastic product that it would take forever to list them all but you name it, TopStick does it – prevents straps from falling down, holds together a hem that is coming apart, keeps collars in place, etc. It comes in pre-cut strips or in a roll (which I like better because you can just cut the size that you need) and can be purchased at any Sally Beauty Supply store. There – now you’re in on a styling secret that you will use over and over again!