Should I Be Ashamed To Tell You This?

I got a lot done over the week end. I finally caught up on all kinds of housework that had been neglected over the past month because I was so busy with work. A few times a year we tackle several magazines at once leaving little time for exercise, cleaning, spending time with friends and family and sometimes even eating. If I make it through this week I’ll be home free for a couple months. Anyway, I digress. So over the week end I managed to clean the house, work in the yard and finish a few minor home projects. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking my best. I had last washed my hair on Thursday night. When Saturday night came and I was finally ready to shower off all the dirt and grime I had collected during the day I was extremely tired and didn’t want to deal with my hair so I didn’t wash it. I figured if I went anywhere I’d just put on a hat. Then on Sunday as I was working in the yard (with a hat on – no one needed to see the condition my hair was in) I had a brilliant idea. I decided not to wash my hair that night or on Monday morning and instead put my new Batiste dry shampoo to a REAL test. Three days of not washing it and cleaning and yard work on top of it would really let me know if this stuff worked. So this morning I sprayed it on. It came out white which was a little off-putting to this brunette but I kind of ran my fingers through it and as far as I can tell there aren’t any white particles showing. After I was able to breathe again – the aersol is VERY strong – I looked at my head and I was shocked that it looked clean. The oily mess was completely gone! This stuff is going to come in handy often, especially when I travel and don’t want to bring all my hair tools with me (hair dryer with diffuser and curling iron for the days I do my hair wavy, and a flat iron for the days I do my hair straight). So for anyone who will see me today feel free to check out my locks and tell me if you can really tell that the last time I washed it was Thursday night. I bet you can’t. Oh, and go grab some of this stuff at any Sally Beauty store before they’re all gone! It’s a deal at $6.99!


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