Nice Lips

My lips are constantly chapped during the winter time, so I go through a LOT of chapstick. But before I slather it on, I like to know that the stuff hasn’t been tested on animals first. PETA’s adorable lip balms make this promise and more. While many products claim not to be tested on animals, very few can say they’re made without any animal byproducts whatsoever—PETA even eliminates beeswax! It’s good to know what you’re applying to your pucker hasn’t hurt an innocent creature. And you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this stuff! The lips balms come in Fruit Smoothie, Tangerine, Vanilla Bean, Peppermint, and “PETA Compassion” Fruit. Of course, if you’re interested in eating a meat-free diet, visit (I can tell you, I’ve been off the stuff for about a year, and I feel pretty good.) Proceeds from the goods help PETA fight against animal cruelty. And whether or not you enjoy a burger or own fur, you know you can’t disagree with that. The sticks are only $3 a pop, and you REALLY can’t disagree with that. Order here.


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