Makeup 2.0, by Bobbi Brown

For someone who started wearing makeup her senior year of high school via friend intervention—blush, eyeshadow, and clear mascara were my Christmas presents that year—the Bobbi Brown Über Master Class during Fashion at the Park was a godsend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hopeless product junkie now (due to the dearth of cosmetics in my youth, no doubt). But being a late bloomer, as they say, had rendered me practically impotent in the art of makeup application … until Tuesday! There were 12 other students attending the seminar, which was taught by none other than Kimberly Soane, one of Bobbi’s top makeup pros. But in addition to Soane’s direction, each lucky lady had her own makeup artist (hi, Kelcie!) to help choose the perfect foundation/eye shadow/blush and oversee its application. Oh, and all of the makeup artists were personally trained by Bobbi! I sat next to Josi, a local makeup artist and fellow blogger, who gives a great recap here. I already told you about the über-cool lip shade finder I discovered at the hour-long course. But I’ll let you in on another trick. Go light on the powder. In fact, forgo powder all together on your cheeks. It helps attain that youthful, dewey look we all love. For the TV recap, go here. I’m Famous! And I can apply eyeliner, America!


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