Kanebo Sensai Concealer Delivers

I’m not a big concealer person, and there’s only one reason why—I can’t stand when it settles into the fine wrinkles under my eyes. I’ll take dark circles over highlighted, white crows feet any day. At least the former is a natural occurrence. So it was with great skepticism that I sampled Senai’s Brush-Type Concealer. After giving a few pumps to the dispenser, I went straight for the eyes and couldn’t believe how soft the brush felt. It was like applying makeup with strands of silk. Then I was certain the color was too light and I’d be sporting the reverse racoon. But I lightly patted the streaks of color, and it blended perfectly, brightening every dark patch in it’s way. Giving more than just great coverage, however, the product leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, not oily or sticky. This, I learned, is because Kanebo’s skincare experts enriched the concealer with moisturizing, firming, and anti-aging ingredients like Kanzo Extract (soothes and helps prevent irritation), Koishimaru Silk Extract (prevents moisture loss and facilitates smooth application), and Moistened Powder (helps skin retain its natural oil). Don’t you just love how makeup is moving in the treatment direction? Look good, feel good, and actually improve your skin—a modern marvel. Oh, and worrying about “settling” is a thing of the past. This concealer goes the distance, lasting until you take it off, be that post work or post party. Can you tell I’m a fan?


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