Free Health Conference at SMU

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to know that our society has a screwed-up relationship with food. And it doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that the food many of us put in our mouths on a regular basis is pretty screwed-up itself. Enter The Movement Dallas and the two-day health and wellness conference it’s presenting at SMU on October 17 and 18. “The Real Food Story: Living Like Nobody Else” will focus on such topics as losing weight, balancing hormones, improving digestion, and getting energy without stimulants. The conference is free as part of the university’s Wellness Week, and according to The Movement Dallas co-founder Craig Keaton, it will be an eye opener. “This conference blows the doors off what you know to be ‘healthy’,” he says, “and will radically change how you see nutrition.” I’m intrigued. How about you?


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