Foot Petals to the Rescue!

So those “cute-as-can-be” shoes I was telling you about…well, I was disappointed to discover that their serious inch-age made them tough to wear. My feet were sliding down the patent padding all night, making my toes fight to avoid being crammed out the peep toe opening. Not good. But then I tried Foot Petals. They’re brilliant, and they work wonders. I stuck one of those babies—the “Tip Toes” version (featured left)—in each shoe and marched around with my head held high all day, unafraid of toe-slippage. The Killer Kushionz are great, too. They’re full insoles that provide some much needed comfort when you’re wearing heels, and they’re completely discreet in your shoe. Foot Petals are available at Dillard’s and Nordstrom stores or at


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