Expert Hair Advice For Windy Weather Woes

I had to run some errands today at lunch—post office, Salad Creations, home to walk the dog—and let me tell ya, I was not pleased with the effect this windy weather has had on my hair. Luckily I just got an e-mail from non other than Blaine of Blaine’s Color. I seized the moment and asked, “What can I do when the wind wreaks havoc on my hair?” And here’s the solution:

“The new little woven headbands are awesome. They are about a quarter of an inch wide, braided, and come in all kinds of colors, from black and brown to hot pink, purple, and orange. Wearing them two or three at a time is really cute too.”

I agree. I’m going to go get some here before my hair begins to resemble hers. **See a pic of the headbands after the jump.


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