Exhale’s New Lift Facial A Shocking Experience

As promised yesterday, I have a report on the new Lift facial from Exhale. Let me start by saying this: If you see me around over the next 72 hours, be sure and tell me if my nasolabial folds look plumper than usual. ’Cause, boy, they sure got a workout!

Exhale bills Lift as a nonsurgical facelift that uses microcurrents to tone the muscles in your face. The eyes, the jowls, the cheeks—nothing is off-limits. But those nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth) get a little extra attention, which is fine by me. Those crevices seem to stand out more than any other.

The procedure is totally painless and pretty relaxing (I even dozed off a couple of times). But because the aesthetician is introducing electricity into your body (albeit in tiny doses), you do feel a tingle or slight shock when the microcurrents engage your facial muscles. You might also get a metallic taste in your mouth, but I didn’t really notice that.

Although Lift includes an arm and neck massage and the usual cleansing and mask (and extractions if needed), it’s less of a pampering experience than a typical facial. But you really do see results immediately. My asethetician (hi, Holly!) said those results should last about three days, and she recommended a series of treatments for longer-lasting effects. Besides plumping the nasolabial folds, Lift is also supposed to encourage protein production, build collagen, improve lymphatic drainage, and reduce eye puffiness. All in all, I recommend Lift, and I would definitely do it again. Who couldn’t use a little lift now and then?


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