Eco-chic Shoe Boxes

Clear Glam Shoe BoxesFor all you ladies who love to keep your shoes stored in the cardboard box they came in with a photo attached so you know what’s inside (if only I could be so organized!). Now you can organize your shoes in style with Clearly Glam shoe boxes by Gracienne Myers. See what’s inside the box and help the environment by doing so. The shoe box is made from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (the same material used in disposable water bottle packaging). Apparently the recycling process burns less fuel, adds less waste to landfills and uses less invaluable natural resources, like oxygen, during production. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the boxes (which retail for $9.95 each here) will go to anti-global warming and water preservation organizations worldwide. Any product that keeps us glam while being green peaks our interest. This may just be the thing that makes me take that first step towards organizing my shoes in boxes after all. Maybe.


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