Behind The Scenes: 10 Most Beautiful Contest Photo Shoot

Phew! We made it! The last two days have been filled with gorgeous designer clothes, eye shadow, lipstick, curling irons and hair spray as we glammed-up and photographed the winners of D Beauty’s 10 Most Beautiful contest. No, I’m not going to tell you who the winners are – you’ll have to wait for the winter issue of D Beauty to get that information – but I can tell you all of the lovely ladies lived up to their title. They were such a pleasure to work with and they truly looked absolutely fabulous! The backdrops for their photos were various spots in downtown Dallas so it was fun being out on the streets. At one point a vibrantly dressed skateboarder even stopped to pose for a few pics with one of our winners.

Photo shoots are crazy in general. When we first arrive it can take over an hour to get everything from our cars into the “staging area” (whatever that may be – a studio, hotel room, unoccupied office, etc.), organize all the clothes, shoes and jewelry that have been pulled (borrowed) from local designers and stores, and get the hair and make-up artists all set up. At the same time the photographer is usually getting all his equipment set up as well. When each 10 Most Beautiful winner arrived we had her try on several outfits to see what would look best. Often, “the perfect look” doesn’t work for one reason or another so we always have to have plenty of pieces on hand to choose from. And since these were “real people” and not models, we wanted to make sure they loved the clothes we put them in and that they felt as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. After that they went into hair and make-up where they were pulled, prodded and poked to a glamorous end. This whole process can easily take a couple hours. While our subject was getting all dolled up, those of us working with the wardrobe began steaming the clothes she was going to wear to make them look perfect. This is usually about the time we would get in contact with the photographer (setting up elsewhere – in this case on the streets of the city) to coordinate having our winner ready just about the time he and his crew were ready. In the meantime, the next winner would arrive and the process began again. As she got into hair and make-up chair we took the first person to be photographed. Shooting 10 women in two days is not easy. Staying on schedule is very important – and very difficult – but somehow we did it! Once the issue is out, our web department will post a behind-the-scenes video so check back for that. When you see the issue it should be very interesting to then check out the backstage footage. We hope you enjoy the 10 Most Beautiful spread! You can even pre-order the issue here.


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