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Warning: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances Cause Grown Women To Act Like 8-year-olds

By Kristin Hull |

When my box of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fragrances (representing herself and her band members) arrived I was as giddy as a school girl. I quickly gathered all five into my arms and practically ran to a co-worker’s desk to show her. Another friend was there at the time and the moment they saw me their jaws dropped and they completely blew off the guy they were talking to. They ran over to me grabbing at the boxes in my arms. It was like Christmas morning as we opened each box oohing and aahing about how cute the dolls on the bottles were. Before even smelling them, we began discussing which one represented each of us the best. “I”m totally the Gwen doll!” “Music looks like me because I have brown hair so she’s mine.” It went on and on as we switched back and forth and debated who best resembled each one. I felt bad for the people in the cubicles around us. We were loud and annoying. I admit it. So once the “who looked like whom” part was settled we began to test the fragrances. More oohs and aahs. And more eye rolling, I’m sure. Besides being incredibly cute, each bottle had it’s own delightful fragrance. “G” has a coconut scent while “Baby” hints of powder. The others are “L’il Angel”, “Love” and “Music.” After an embarassing amount of time, we each chose our favorites and finally went back to work. I think I caught my self skipping back to my desk.  I put my “Love” doll/fragrance on my vanity when I got home and every morning it makes me smile. So run, don’t walk to the nearest Nordstrom to get your “girl.” Be sure to take a few friends with you. It never hurts to revert to childhood once in a while and this is the perfect situation in which to do that!

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