Niven Morgan News

Not three days ago, as I was sitting at the Old Monk, sipping my Stella, did the normal happy hour jibba jabba (i.e. everyone playing on their iPhones) briefly touch on hands. Specifically, rough hands. Nobody likes them. Nobody wants to shake them. Of course, I then looked down at my dry, rather scratchy hands and vowed to use more moisturizer. And what do you know? I received some fabulous new Niven Morgan products, including the Travel Hand Cream, in the mail just this morning. Meant. To. Be.

Does it matter that the products were sent to promote the new, modern packaging (pictured left) that also features a custom “no animal testing” symbol (a silhouette of Niven, his two dogs, and his horse) on the back of each box? Or the fact that Niven Morgan has reformulated its body lotions and hand lotions and creams to include certified organic aloe vera, as well as a paraben-free preservation system? Nope. I’m just happy to have found a great, new hand cream. I got the Gold fragrance—the essence of flowers, with herbal notes, and a soupçon of vanilla—and I love it’s delicacy. The cream goes on like silk and dries quickly, the top priority in my book. You can find Niven Morgan products at Stanley Korshak. Check here for a retailer closer to you.


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