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“Green” on the Go: A New Reusable Bag


When I put my foot down one day after exiting the grocery store and said, “No more plastic bags for me!” my intentions were good. I looked in my car with disgust at the rows of brown plastic bags holding my precious frozen lunches. I instantly pictured one of my bags strangling some poor bird or poisoning and killing a dolphin that ingested it, as this slideshow suggested might happen. But still, I have found myself back in a grocery store countless times, wheeling out more plastic, as I think of the numerous “green” bags I forgot to bring, sitting in my kitchen pantry. That will not happen anymore. The BeGreen Pod is here to save the day. (And the sea otters.) The bag rolls up into itself, tucking into a little ball, perfect for travel. Now you can make room next to your lip gloss collection (even if it looks like this) for your adorably printed reusable bag, so you can be environmentally friendly even when you make an unexpected shopping trip. Get yours (and a tree planted on your behalf) for $12.95 at