Got Grease? Spray it Away

I’m one of those girls with naturally oily hair. It means my hair has grown healthily down past my shoulders over the years. I never have a dry scalp, and my hair usually has a bit of a natural shine. It also means when I don’t wash my hair every day (as many hair stylists suggest is a good idea), I wind up looking like a total grease ball. You could probably see your reflection in my part if you looked. I don’t worry about it, though. Bumble & Bumble came up with just the right solution with its Hair Powder. Jump to see how it works.

It sprays like hairspray, but comes out in a color—choices include white, blondish, red, brown and black. Not only will it create a matte finish over any accumulated oil, it’s a great styling tool. (It can create some seriously massive volume.) It’s also perfect for covering up your roots. A very talented little product, you see. So go ahead and powder away. Marie Antoinette did it.


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