Fan Favorites: D.O. for Your B.O.

Brace yourselves, for I have found the best deodorant on earth. Bold, I know. But the proof is in the pits. Specifically, my fantastically fresh pits. What’s my secret (hint, hint)? Jump for the answer and the opportunity to challenge my opinion.

Answer: Secret Clinical Strength

The reason is simple. I never stink. Ever. Doesn’t matter if I’ve spent the day at the office, sweated for two hours in the gym, or danced on tables till the wee hours of the morning (hypothetically speaking, of course), my armpits are dry and fresh. It’s the darndest thing.

And I just learned there’s a new product in the Secret Clinical family. It’s called Secret Clinical Strengh Sport. If anyone’s tried it, do tell.

And now, for your turn, dear Talkers. Can you challenge my claim or will you rise in support of this supreme product? Comments are on.


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