Every Dallas Chick Needs a Chickie!

Why, oh why did I not know about Chickies two months ago when it was 100 degrees every day? Oh well, it will last and I can still use it in the winter anyway. What is it, you ask? It’s similar in concept to a “dickie” which is a faux turtleneck that constists only of the neck part of a turtleneck made to be worn under a sweater or shirt to reduce bulk. If you don’t understand, just click the link and you’ll get it right away. I think dickies were big in the seventies, along with polyester leisure suits. Anyway, a Chickie is part of a tank top. All summer I hated that I had to wear tank tops under my shirts to cover up cleavage that was not appropriate for the office. It was so hot and to add another layer didn’t help. Well Chickies solve that problem! They’re basically just the front top part of a tank top. They inconspicuously snap to the front of your bra straps and there is a thin strap that goes across your back. So voila! No more bulky layers! Hmm, that was really  hard to describe. If it didn’t make sense just go to their web site, www.julsandmeg.com and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m wearing mine today and loving it!


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