Dude, Where’s My Bandanna?

Fall is a busy time here at ShopTalk headquarters. Hanging over my head at the moment are all manner of stories to write, stories to edit, phone calls to make, and e-mails to return. So, like any good procrastinator, instead of spending my morning getting a head-start on all my work, I decided to read Texas Monthly, where I learned all I ever needed to know about Matthew McConaughey’s current foray into fashion. In the October issue, the cover boy spews all sorts of stoner-philosopher gems while pimping his j.k. livin line of clothing. In the giggle-worthy story by John Spong, entire paragraphs are devoted to such subjects as flip-flops and bandannas. “No headbands. It’s got to be a bandanna,” says the surfer dude and star of Surfer, Dude. “So you can mix it up. Sometimes I like to roll it thin, do like an Indian thing with it. Other times I wear it wider, or even flat on my head like a do-rag, Geronimo- or Tupac-style…” That’s just a taste, friends. Matty is full of this stuff. Go here to get a closer look at the actor’s duds and here to read the entire piece (subscription required). It’s worth it, bros.


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