America’s Sweethearts Have Bed Head

Normally I wouldn’t post this nugget, but since the ‘boys are playing tonight and Rhonda gave us an insightful report on T.O.’s new book, I felt it appropriate to give the gals of the game a shout out. Besides, after watching tonight, you might be wondering what keeps that skin glowing, those eyes sparkling, and that big Texas hair (pictured left) bouncy as ever—especially after all of that aggressive hair flipping. Well, for the second year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have chosen TIGI Bed Head as their official hair and makeup sponsor. With more than 300 products in their arsenal, TIGI’s fully equipped to keep the squad shipshape. And because I’m sure all you fellas out there watch the cheerleaders for their big, perky hair, you’ll be pleased to know that TIGI also makes B for Men by Bed Head, their manly man line.


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