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Wonder Balm to the Rescue

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Long story short, I just got back from a Caribbean vacation. Ten perfect days of sun, sand, and sea for me. Absolute bliss. But as I was coming down from my holiday high yesterday, fidgeting restlessly on the final of my three flights home, thoughts of the damage I’d done danced through my mind. The dry, chapped, sun-damaged skin. The mosquito-bitten ankles. The brittle, frizzy hair. I was supposed to come back a relaxed and rejuvenated me, not a salty swashbuckling buccaneer. Then, shining like a glistening pearl on the beach of life, the answer came to me—by way of e-mail. This really was Bliss. The company has come out with a new product called Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm. Ladies and gentlmen, this rescue remedy does it all from soothing sunburn, windburn, insect stings, and insect itching to moisturing chapped elbows and heels and sealing split ends. All this, for ony $18. Heaven. Sent.

P.S. Bliss is also having a “Blowout Sale,” with items up to 70 percent off. Enjoy!

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