This Gloss is theBalm

An inquisitive Talker asked this morning, where can I find a chap stick/lip gloss combo? “I need something that is very natural and just makes your lips feel nourished,” she said. Well, don’t we all?

I found this gloss in the sad pre-ShopTalk days, or I would have told you about it sooner. It’s called BalmShelter, and I’m hooked for lots of reasons. First, it’s exactly what this Talker needs—a gloss that moisturizes like a chap stick. Second, it’s got SPF 17 protection. Now that we’re all using moisturizers with sunscreen, we should get the lips in on the gig. Third, it smells yummy—no explanation necessary. Fourth, it comes in a variety of colors, from soft, natural nudes (even a clear) to cherry reds, pinks, and plums. It’s $18 online at


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