Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain: Good News, Bad News

Good News: Tarte’s Natural Beauty Cheek Stain gives great, natural, just-got-in-from-a-brisk-walk color. Love that.

Bad News: After trying it several times this week, I’m left feeling a little sticky cheeked. That is, it seems to take quite a while before the cream completely dries on my skin. Don’t love that.

Good News: With winter on the way, and dry skin looming, a dewy finish might be just what the doctor (or aesthetician) ordered.

More Good News: By purchasing Tarte’s cheek stain (and any of Tarte’s products containing their T5 Super Fruit Complex), you’ll be supporting Sambazon’s Sustainable Açai Project, which promotes Amazon rain forest conservation.

Good wins! Good wins!


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