Re: FitFlops Sound Like Something Someone Should Try And Tell Me How It Works

Hey, Sarah. I’ve tried the MBT shoes, and while I could definitely tell a difference in my legs while I walked–there is something about the rounded bottoms that makes you work a little harder to stay balanced, so you truly feel like you are getting a good workout–the sneakers tore up my ankles! I had the worst blisters! I kept thinking (praying?) I would break them in, but I never did, so I can’t say that my cellulite was reduced, although with enough exercise of any form, you’re going to reduce the cellulite on your legs. (Funny how that works.) I would definitely try those FitFlops, because without a back, they can’t give me blisters! I would really love a pair to wear while I hit the pavement in New York for Bridal Market in October.


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