Kim Kardashian, Butt Implants, And a Sparkling Liqueur

Pardon the randomness of this post, but I got a press release earlier this week for something called NUVO Sparkling Liqueur, “a new spirit that’s taking the celebrity world by storm,” and it made me think of butt implants. Weird, I know, but stay with me. See, “celebrity” Kim Kardashian is a fan of NUVO—or, at the very least, was willing to pose with a bottle of it—and she’s famous for what? That’s right: her extraordinary rear view. And, coincidentally, when I got this press release, I was in the middle of some research for D Beauty that involved my polling local plastic surgeons about various procedures, including buttock augmentation. And here, dear readers, is the tidbit I really wanted to share with you: butt implants are hard to come by in Dallas. Of about a dozen offices I talked to in one day, none of them performed the procedure. Which surprised me. I was under the impression that ever since J. Lo brought the booty back all those years ago, it meant that you could get your bum enhanced just about anywhere. Wrong-o. So, all you flat-bottomed girls out there, if you’re looking for a little more cushion (something I can’t relate to in any way, BTW), you might have to look harder than you thought.

P.S. NUVO is available at liquor stores nationwide, in case you want to mimic Kimmy’s drinking habits as well.


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