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I Discovered Philosophy Too

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I too attended the Philosophy meeting yesterday and was as surprised as Rhonda that they have so many products. We tried almost every one and I was very impressed. They really take their customers into consideration even so far as to put inspirational messages on their bottles so when you’re in the shower at 7am half-asleep they can provide a bit of positive thinking and inspiration for the day. And while many of Philosophy’s products do smell like various foods, there aren’t all that way. It’s really only their shower gels and creams. The skincare line, perfumes and make-up are either unscented or have a light, fresh aroma.

I went through my gift bag of goodies last night like a kid on Christmas morning. While I wanted to try everything right then and there I knew I would not be a responsible journalist unless I made my way through them in a scientific manner. So I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from both Rhonda and myself in the following months as we test each and every item.

I did manage to try five products last night and honestly, loved them all! First, I washed my hair with the “amazing grace” perfumed shampoo, bath and shower gel (which has a very soft, pleasant scent). It is supposed to take the place of three products and although I didn’t believe it, I must now admit I was wrong. I was afraid my hair would be greasy today but it looks just fine. Next came the one-step facial cleanser, “purity made simple.” When the company’s reps told us that it even removes eye make-up I didn’t believe them. Again, I was wrong. I wear heavy-duty eye liner (Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner) because I don’t have time for retouches during the day and it worked like a charm. Next came the serious business – anti-aging. Being (ahem) over 35, I used a replenishing oil specifically created for my age group called “when hope is not enough”. My poor pores sucked it up immediately and a very little bit went a loooong way. The moisturizer that Oprah adores, “hope in a jar” came next. It has the texture of a mousse (which I love for some reason) and throughout the evening my face felt like a baby’s bottom. Last, was the “hope in a tube” high density eye and lip firming cream. I can tell you I really liked the texture but I’ll have to report back around 2025 to let you know if it works. But I’m willng to bet it does based on how serious Philosophy is about producing scientifically created products of the highest quality. I think I’m going to try one of the peels this week end. I can’t wait!