Go, Bobe, Go!

Bobe (pronounced “bow-bee”) has whipped up some excellent cream. Literally. Their “Soy Fabulous Whipped Body Butter” is exactly that. It’s light and fluffy like a mousse and isn’t greasy AT ALL. It bugs me to no end when I apply cream to my hands and I can’t touch anything for 20 minutes while I wait for it to permeate my thirsty epidermis. I usually can’t wait that long so I end up washing my hands which probably defeats the purpose of the hand cream in the first place. With Bobe’s cream I can pet my cats in minutes without ending up with hairy palms. It comes in an insane amount of scents ranging from “7-Up Pound Cake” to “Floral Splash” to “Seven Seas.” I have the “Bermuda Triangle” scent and love it because it’s soft and not overpowering. Oh and Bobe is an acronym for “beyond ordinary bath essentials” and well, it’s true!


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