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Get Sexy With SexySmile

By Kristin Hull |

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pia Lieb has created an oh-so-convenient product that has a lip gloss on one end and a tooth whitener on the other. I just started using it so I don’t know how well the whitening works but they say it can make teeth up to 12 shades whiter if used three times a day “with significant results within three days.” It doesn’t taste bad and is super easy to apply with the brush. I can see how it could be helpful especially if applied after drinking red wine or tea. It’s supposed to prevent re-staining and protect tooth enamel as well. The SexySmile whitener also has a minty taste which keeps breath friendly. I really like the gloss that comes in six shades, all of which are made with a blue base so that teeth will appear whiter. (Apparently, most glosses have a yellow base.) Oh, and the company says that the whitening ingredients are totally safe. Let’s hope so because I plan on using it. If I start looking like the Hulk, or growing hair in odd places someone better tell me.

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