Full Steam Ahead

As stylists, Stephanie Quadri and I are always lugging big, heavy clothing steamers around from shoot to shoot which is not easy to do in 3″ heels (Steph and I are both short so wearing flats is not an option). Recently, we heard that the Jiffy Esteam was a great portable steamer so we ordered one to see for ourselves. We received it on Friday and I took it home to test it out over the week end. I had a pile of clothes that needed to be ironed and I decided this would be the perfect way to try the Esteam. I opened the box with great anticipation and was thrilled to see that there was nothing to assemble. I simply pulled it out, filled it with water (took 10 seconds and was as simple as filling a glass), plugged it in and waited for it to heat up. After 3-4 minutes it began to emit a full cloud of steam and I dove into my pile of neglected clothes. Within 30 minutes I had de-wrinkled six pieces of clothing including a pair of jeans! This thing is like magic! It worked just as well as the industrial steamers but without all the trouble. The only bothersome part (which really wasn’t much of a bother at all) was that I had to re-fill it three times but what do you expect from a portable steamer? It wasn’t too hot to touch when it ran dry so I was able to re-fill it immediately and get back to the task at hand. At $69 this timesaver is a real steal. Plus, 10% of all proceeds go to breast cancer research so you really can’t go wrong. Now if I could just find something that will do my laundry for me…


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