F.I.G. Finale

I stopped by the much-anticipated sale first thing this morning with my husband and cousin in tow. There was already a crowd gathered outside eagerly awaiting eleven o’clock. This time around there are even more local stores participating – over 45 – including some of our favorites, V.O.D., Melanie Gayle, Kacky & Carl, Linus Lounge, Elements, LFT, True Rumors, Merge, and more. Most shops are only taking cash (there’s an ATM on-site in case you need it), but we spotted a few accepting checks and credit cards. Some showrooms (like Policei and Puma) are open for sample sales as well. There are many items worth the trip including a Mayle dress at V.O.D. – marked down from $575 to $100, Earnest Sewn skinny jeans at Merge for $75, Gil Carvalho shoes at Linus Lounge for $223, a men’s Zegna coat marked down from $1245 to $200 at LFT (everything at LFT that originally cost $1000 or more is now only $200). I was there for a little over an hour, but I could have spent many more. I think I may have to go back after work – it’s open until 9 P.M. tonight and again tomorrow from 11-5. Note: Be sure to wear clothing that’s easy to change in and out of as dressing areas are limited. Happy shopping!


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