Beauty in a Bottle

Beauty Boost, an all-natural superfruit juice made from Açai berries, has just hit the market. I bet you have two questions. 1. What makes a fruit super?  2. Why will Açai juice make me beautiful? Let me ‘splain.

1. Superfruits, which include goji berries, noni fruit, açai berries, and mangosteen fruit, among others, are named such because they have higher amounts of nutrients per serving than other healthy fruits and vegetables. They pack a punch, ladies and gents.

2. The açai berry is rich in the antioxident anthocyanin (it has 3.5 times that of red wine), plus 21 essential and non-essential amino acids, which is why this beauty berry encourages healthy skin, hair, and nails. It’s also an anti-aging agent.

Now, to make your insides match your outside, there are three more Boosts to boot: Happy Boost, which includes goji berries and supports positive moods, healthy aging, and liver and kidney health; Youth Boost, which has mangosteen juice and supports healthy aging, joint health, and cardiovascular health; and Inner Boost made with noni, a fruit that supports natural cleansing, healthy digestion, and healthy immune function. I sampled the Inner Boost, and it was surprisingly sweet, with a nice apple-juice flavor.

Per the nice folks at Central Market, you’ll be able to get a Boost in stores around the middle of next week. If you just can’t wait to try it, order online here.


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