Ultra Treatments Land at ZaSpa

Everyone wants to look younger–and fast. And technology is keeping up with the demand. New to the spa lineup at ZaSpa is the Ultra three-fold system that uses micro-current, ultrasound, and light therapy technologies. In English? It’s supposed to non-abrasively exfoliate, stimulate facial muscles, soften deep lines and wrinkles, lift jowls and cheeks, and improve jaw definition. Wow! A word to the wise: take every claim with a grain of salt. You won’t knock 10 years off your face in one go. But you might leave the spa feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world. Read on for a list of all Ultra treatments:

Non-surgical facelift – re-educates facial muscles via micro-current therapy, addressing all major facial muscles
Anti-aging facial – reduces wrinkles and fine lines, treats blemishes, sagging skin and puffiness through exfoliation and moisturizing
Body nourishing treatment – a 7-phase treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, treats blemishes, and deeply moisturizes any part of the body
Deep wrinkle treatments – addresses wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes and puffy tissue while exfoliating away dead cells and deeply moisturizing the skin
Aged hands treatment – diminish age spots and sun damage for younger looking hands
Acne and hyper-pigmentation treatment – a 5-phase treatment that works to create a more normal desquamation cycle, removes surface pigmentation, and encourages rapid blemish healing


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