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Man of the Party

“For us, co-working is great. It’s the whole theory of creating spontaneous moments—you connect with people, and you learn”

The Lorenzo Hotel Is the Ultimate Instagram Backdrop

The problem with the Lorenzo is that it doesn’t seem to take its art very seriously. Not that we should expect it to. It is a hotel, after all.

Vandoliers Are a Texas Band

“There’s a lot less idol worship in Texas music.”

Homeless But Not Voiceless, the Dallas Street Choir Provides Music and Community

“They are songs of courage and strength. It’s always feel-good music that (tries) to elevate spirits.”

Sarah Jaffe Is Always Different, Always the Same on Bad Baby

“I still start from raw grit, just me at home with a guitar or a bass.”

The White Rock Zine Machine Vends ‘Tiny Little Masterpieces’

“For 25 cents you get a handmade object that’s full of wonder and mystery.”

New Art, Music Venue Has Big Plans for Deep Ellum

“We want this to be a cultural hub for and by the neighborhood.”

Let Artists Transform the Old Dawson State Jail

Why not let artists go wild with Dawson? Dallas deserves more than a hollow shell.

Has Dallas’ Arts Scene Reached a Level Playing Field?

There is still fear among some arts advocates that the existence of the grant will make it easier for politicians to justify cutting arts from the city’s general fund.

Undermain Theatre Presents Really by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Really asks what do we try to leave behind, what do we actually leave behind, and how do we deal with being left.

How Keith Cerny Mended The Dallas Opera

About 70,000 people have viewed the simulcasts that Dallas Opera has produced since 2012, with the audience skewing younger and more diverse.

Plano Figure Skater Represents U.S. at 2017 Special Olympics

“If I fall down, I get back up.”