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This Dallas Artist Creates Eclectic Home Décor from Live and Preserved Plants

“The small success of keeping a plant alive grows into something beautiful.”

Meet the Dallas Class of 2020

There were a ton of small things that I was, like, ‘oh, I’ll do that this year,’ you know, my last year.

COVID-19 Has Upended the Dallas Filmmaking Community

“This will be a fundamental shift in the theatrical distribution industry forever,” Dallas Sonnier says. “It’ll be a completely new world once we all return.”

COVID-19 Has Upended the Dallas Filmmaking Community

“People are going to rejoice to be physically in a room when this is over,” says filmmaker Jason Reimer. “People are going to really thirst for that community.”

Boban The Great

It’s one thing to be Gulliver in a gym full of Lilliputians. It’s quite another to be Gulliver around a bunch of other Gullivers.

Boban The Great

He goofs around with the kids for the better part of an hour, swinging the little ones around, blocking the shots of the bigger ones, charming everyone.

Boban The Great

He seems to get exponentially better the more he plays, falling into the rhythm, making one excellent move after another.

Friends of the Late Artist Donald Fowler Reflect on His Legacy

“I think that’s what’s probably what’s so hard about this, is that he was in full life. He wasn’t sick. He was writing another play.”

Rob Allyn’s Crazy Dream To Make a Movie in Borneo

In the 1980s, Dallas was booming, Reagan was president, and Allyn was a young political savant earning a reputation as a master Republican strategist.

Rob Allyn’s Crazy Dream To Make a Movie in Borneo

Allyn delivered a six-hour lecture on the history of political advertising. Before he’d finished, Vicente Fox leaned over to his advisor and whispered, “Hire him.”

Rob Allyn’s Crazy Dream To Make a Movie in Borneo

I could argue that this movie has dominated Allyn’s life to such an extent that he didn’t leave political consulting to make movies, he left to make Rajah.

The Three Most Offensive People in Richardson

Trial by Trolley is a new party card game from the Cyanide & Happiness crew that hits Target stores this month. If you like Cards Against Humanity, then you will dig it. If you don’t, then you won’t.

Dallas Is Still Dreaming of Selena

On the afternoon of the day of his daughter’s death,

Dallas Is Still Dreaming of Selena

From a lowrider car show to music to a lookalike contest, an art show, and even karaoke, the early spring event is held across Oak Cliff, which has become a Dallas hub for honoring Selena.

Vanessa Ogle Is the Rock ‘n’ Roll CEO

“It’s gotten to the point where we are recognized more for our music than anything. … and I think that’s awesome.”

A Theater Troupe of Teens Is Staging Some of the Boldest Work in Dallas

“I myself couldn’t get access to these people. I think it is because we’re a teen company. People say yes because they are like, ‘Kids, sure, what harm could they do?’ ”

The Video Game That Makes People Fall in Love

It isn’t unusual for players to travel between cities in search of Killer Queen scenes.

Jung Young Moon’s Absurd Take on Texas

Such deadpan interpretations of reality abound in Moon’s new book, which is among the more singular and peculiar novels about Texas and Dallas you will ever read.