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Why Dallas Is Missing Out on Crucial Funding for the Arts

The agency estimates that for every dollar it gives an organization, that group is able to raise up to an additional $9.

Don’t Call the Latino Arts Project a Museum

“It’s going to be transformative for the Mexican people, and for people who are not Mexican, to understand how you take national pride and how you can see that created through art.”

The Meanest Man in Texas

I pictured his dramatic story as a movie that would demonstrate this: no matter how low in life a person gets, God will help if He is asked.

Oscar DeLaughter Joins the Family Business

“Writing and all that is great. But performing, that’s where all the feeling and everything comes into play.”

How to Revive Dallas’ Arts Scene

If Dallas had funded the arts through a hotel tax, it is likely the city wouldn’t be facing millions in deferred maintenance.

Hugh Boyle Has a Thing for Restoring Guitars

“We have a company of 600 people at TracyLocke, and there is a lot of pressure that goes along with that,” Boyle says. “Some people go home and chop vegetables.”

How a Female Sportswriter Went From Covering to Coaching Football

With simple prose, Lewis creates a throwback heroine, dressed in white gloves and a pearl choker, who isn’t afraid to kick off her pumps to run down the field in her stockinged feet.

The Builder of Glass Cities

The very contradictions and conflict that define the architect’s character have somehow also come to define American cities of the 20th century, especially Dallas.

The Builder of Glass Cities

He was a modernism evangelist who preached new ways of building and new ways of thinking about architecture and cities.

The Builder of Glass Cities

There is plenty of architecture in Dallas that does a disservice to the city, and a number of those works were designed by Johnson.

Author Lance Scott Walker Talks Houston Rap Tapes Ahead of Deep Vellum Visit

We know the devastating effects of crack cocaine are what produced the conditions that gave us gangster rap as a poetry of the darkness of the crack epidemic.

Irving-Based Hollman Inc. Makes the World’s Most Instagrammed Locker

“Dallas is a really easy place to do business,” Hollman says. “Success is celebrated here.”

What Is the Preachy Nasher Prize Trying To Say?

The Nasher Prize is set up not only to offer validation to the artists it honors, but to weigh in on the very definition of contemporary sculpture.

The Old 97’s Celebrate 25 Years

The band was called “alt-country” then, but it was more like country-adjacentrock and roll.