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Vanessa Ogle Is the Rock ‘n’ Roll CEO

“It’s gotten to the point where we are recognized more for our music than anything. … and I think that’s awesome.”

A Theater Troupe of Teens Is Staging Some of the Boldest Work in Dallas

“I myself couldn’t get access to these people. I think it is because we’re a teen company. People say yes because they are like, ‘Kids, sure, what harm could they do?’ ”

The Video Game That Makes People Fall in Love

It isn’t unusual for players to travel between cities in search of Killer Queen scenes.

Jung Young Moon’s Absurd Take on Texas

Such deadpan interpretations of reality abound in Moon’s new book, which is among the more singular and peculiar novels about Texas and Dallas you will ever read.

CentralTrak Is Dead, Long Live CentralTrak

“There are people with power and they don’t get too close to the unwashed.”

Terri Thoman Is Back to Her One True Love: Paper

“Coming here actually offered me more of an opportunity to share the studio with others, I collected all of my presses that were on loan to people.”

Assessing the Dallas Arts District, 10 Years Later

Almost 40 years after it was promised, the Dallas Arts District might finally be edging toward realization.

Assessing the Dallas Arts District, 10 Years Later

It has taken 10 years, but leadership in the district is thinking about collaboration in the right way.

Remembering Katherine Owens (1957-2019)

“Why chase someone else’s dream in some other city when Dallas offered an opportunity to push the boundaries and set your own rules?”

A Double Dose of Herb Alpert

“While Alpert’s eyes are dark and penetrating, Wier’s are pale blue-gray and his gaze seems faraway. He’s blind, the result of his diabetes.”

The Time a Radio Legend Brought a Taste of Hollywood to Town

“Excitement was racing through the city that not one but two movies were going to be made here. And by an honest-to-God local studio, no less!”

Inside Lamar Odom’s Disastrous Stint in Dallas

“The owner of the team was heckling me. He was cursing me out in front of fans and players. It said ‘Dallas’ on my chest. I play for you, asshole!”

Eric Clapton and Dallas’ Place in Blues History

“I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere. Maybe it would have been a trip to grow up in Memphis, but Dallas couldn’t be far behind in second.”