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Face of Reflux Surgery

Dr. Chris Cottrell has completed more than 2,000 robotic surgery cases to alleviate reflux and is one of only a few surgeons in the Dallas area who specializes in the TIF® procedure.
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Chris Cottrell, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Anyone who suffers from acid reflux knows how painful and inconvenient the condition can be. For some, prescription or over-the-counter medication can provide a temporary reprieve from acid reflux—but it’s not a permanent solution and may cause negative side effects. This is where Dr. Chris Cottrell comes in. He has helped hundreds of patients eliminate reflux with the transoral incisionless fundoplication procedure—most commonly known as the TIF® Procedure. Using an endoscope, Dr. Cottrell can repair or recreate the body’s natural barrier to reflux where the esophagus and stomach join. This is an advanced endoscopic procedure, which means no incisions are required. Recovery is quick, and most patients notice the results right away. “This procedure is a game-changer for so many people and it is as minimally invasive as it gets,” Dr. Cottrell says. “My patients stay in the hospital overnight just for observation, go home the next day, and are back to normal activities—without the dread of acid reflux and without the need for daily pills to treat it.”

Should a patient require more than the TIF® Procedure to treat their reflux, Dr. Cottrell also performs robotic hiatal hernia repair and can pair it with the TIF® procedure. He is also frequently sought after for hiatal hernia repair and reflux surgery revisions. “Many times, patients will have a failed surgery and come to me for a repair,” he says. “I also do reflux surgery on patients who have had weight loss surgeries, such as the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass.”

Dr. Cottrell has completed more than 2,000 robotic surgery cases and is one of only a few surgeons in the Dallas area who specializes in the TIF® procedure. He has the second-highest volume of TIF® procedures in Texas. He practices at Advanced Surgical of North Texas and has privileges at several area hospitals. Dr. Cottrell received his M.D. from Texas Tech University and completed his residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Colorado.

Advanced Surgical of North Texas
8080 TX-121, Suite 120  |  McKinney, Texas 75070
972.439.3753  |  @chriscotttellmd 


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