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A Look Inside Double D’s, the Design District’s Newest ‘Five-Star Dive Bar’

Dallas’ newest bar is serving an upscale but dressed down cocktail menu, complete with wood-paneled walls, a broad music selection, and a mixed bag of patrons: the ultimate recipe for a night on the town.
By | |Photograph by Elizabeth Lavin
Elizabeth Lavin

OK, so the name: Double D’s. You either think it’s funny when you first hear it or you don’t, but either way you’ll end up not caring somewhere after the second time around. It’s a name. Most names aren’t great. And, sure, seeing “Double D’s” in red neon on the façade of a windowless building on Riverfront gives off a whiff of strip club instead of Design District. But go on in. “Five-star dive bar” we heard someone say on Thanksgiving night, and that’s what the folks behind Ferris Wheelers and Tiny Victories have built here. Wood paneling on the walls, peacock felt on the pool table in the corner, and a dressed-down but upscale drink menu at the bar (courtesy co-owner Jermey Elliott, pictured above, whom you’ll recognize from Parliament and elsewhere). Plus, there is a wonderfully mixed bag of patrons, and the music is great, too. It’s the exact kind of place in which you can kill time after work or after whatever else.

1404 N. Riverfront Blvd. | 469-243-6866.

This story originally appeared in the February issue of D Magazine with the headline, “Praising the Bar. Write to [email protected].


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