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D Magazine November 2022

Arts & Entertainment

A Brit Goes Deep on Dallas Cars

Gearheads probably won’t know what to make of this story. Same with folks in the art world. But both will want to read it.
marc montoya
Person of Interest

A Dallas Photographer Takes a Shot at Coffee

Dallas photographer Marc Montoya has a new gig: roasting coffee. Learn about Oak Cliff’s newest subscription.
McKinney Silo Mural
Arts & Entertainment

An Australian Artist Turned McKinney’s Grain Silos Into a Tribute to the City’s Diversity

An Australian artist spent weeks looking for a scene that would illustrate the city of McKinney. He found his muse in a park on Juneteenth.
Casitas Big Ben

West Texas Waltz: The Ultimate Big Sky Road Trip

My wife and I spent six days on the road driving from Dallas to Big Bend and back again, a journey that took us through ancient rock formations, renovated boomtown hotels, and a few hundred acres of modern art.
Cedar Hill map

How to Spend a Day in Cedar Hill

Explore this natural escape just 16 miles from downtown.
Arts & Entertainment

Why the Ritzy Monocle Magazine Chose Dallas for its First U.S. Conference

Exploring why the fancy lifestyle and global affairs magazine chose North Texas over Miami.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Cowboy Boots

Lookin’ for boots in all the wrong places? Don’t fret—we checked out all the best boot dealers in town so you don’t have to. Here’s where to buy your next pair.

With New Tennis Line, Monica Millington Is Serving Looks

The Dallas designer’s new clothing line melds loungewear with tennis style.
canned goods
Restaurants & Bars

Inside the North Texas Food Bank’s Thanksgiving Operation

During the holidays, the North Texas Food Bank and its hundreds of volunteers hold the line for the food insecure.
Tatsu toro sushi
Restaurants & Bars

Tatsu Dallas Is the City’s Hardest Reservation, and It’s Worth the Wait

Not even the tiniest detail at Tatsuya Sekiguchi’s Deep Ellum sushi bar goes overlooked.

It’s Always Sunny in Dallas

After two decades living on the East Coast, I felt drawn home again.
Founders Room
Arts & Entertainment

What Do Art and Cars Have in Common? Nothing.

Though a tour of The Shop Club Dallas may bring to mind Picasso or Vivaldi, the artist Richard Patterson explores what sets this dynamic car storage facility apart from any other museum.
Todd Puckett
Arts & Entertainment

Take a (Point and Shoot) Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Sure, you can take a snapshot with your phone. But if you want to experience the true magic of photography, you need an actual camera loaded with real film. Everyone from amateurs to professionals to even a few Hollywood hotshots knows that means a trip to Don’s Photo Equipment.
Dallas History

Capturing The History Held in the Walls of the Old Barrow Family Gas Station

Clyde Barrow’s family once owned a gas station in West Dallas. Before it was recently bulldozed, the Dallas artist Michelle Mackey spent years studying and painting it.

Uneasy Times Call For Unusual Investments (That Your Financial Advisor Wouldn’t Recommend)

Five totally not crazy alternative investments that your advisor is too timid to tell you about.

The Best Financial Planners in Dallas-Fort Worth for 2022

As we do each year, we asked every Certified Financial Planner in North Texas to help us pick out the best in their industry.

These Are Dallas-Fort Worth’s Top Wealth Managers for 2022

We asked every wealth management firm and team in North Texas to help us find the best among their peers. Here are the wealth managers that stand out in 2022.