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Faces of Divorce

All family law matters covered, 100%.
Kelly McClure Law
Matthew Shelley

100% Family Law. The team at McClure Law Group, led by Kelly McClure, CEO and managing partner, Francesca Blackard, managing partner, and Brandon Joseph and Kate Mataya, partners, is comprised of seasoned professionals who are experienced in successfully navigating divorce cases that range from simple and amicable to complex and high conflict. Executives, professional athletes, celebrities, and stay-at-home parents alike find their experience, talent, and compassion invaluable. The McClure Law Group team also includes a CPA attorney and in-house family law appellate counsel, further solidifying their ability to provide informed advice, strategy, and recommendations. Renowned for their unconventional thinking, compassion, and interest-based approach, the McClure Law Group team endeavors to help clients attain their goals by protecting family relationships, finances, homes, and businesses.

Innovative, cutting-edge, and intelligent—the lawyers who make up McClure Law Group are leaders in and out of the courtroom and are known for their ability to handle any family law matter. Although known for their tenacious, energetic, and “bulldog” approach in the courtroom, the McClure Law Group team works toward collaboration and resolution without the necessity of protracted litigation. When collaboration is not an option, McClure is a proven powerhouse in the courtroom and is regularly named among the Best Lawyers in Dallas.

Whether a divorce, custody battle, or drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, the McClure Law Group team relentlessly strives to effectively guide their clients through an undeniably difficult time.

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