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Face of Steakhouses

Celebrate it all at Frisco’s favorite steakhouse.
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Randy Burks
Bret Redman

The path from server at a chain restaurant to owning the oldest restaurant in Frisco was a winding one for Randy Burks but is also one that makes perfect sense once you trace each step. Burks has owned Randy’s Steakhouse since 1993—his first business and his last job. “I started out stocking groceries in the middle of the night and realized I had to do something else, so I took a server job at a Black-eyed Pea restaurant,” Burks says. “I loved the energy of the restaurant but needed to make more money. My parents took me to dinner one night at Del Frisco’s. I immediately knew I wanted to work there, so I went to the library to research the restaurant to make a good impression. The owner, Dale, overheard my interview and followed me out to my car and said, ‘If you want to work here, show up at 5 p.m.’”

Burks showed up. He waited tables for a few years before he realized his temperament was best suited for the kitchen. He learned how to cook a great steak and later opened Randy’s Country Kitchen in Frisco. He heard the owner of an iconic historic home on Main Street was looking for the right buyer. Burks had a vision to rebrand his restaurant into a fine dining steakhouse in a Victorian home; this home, built in 1869, could be it. “I sat with the owner on the front porch and had tea with her and she agreed to sell it to me for $550,000,” he says. “The last appraisal we got was $2.4 million, so it was a good exchange.”

In addition to a family home, the historic structure has been a dry goods store, a doctor’s office, and a railroad stop. Burks made necessary updates through the years but has been careful to preserve its integrity. Burks is in the restaurant every day, and he and personally shops the farmer’s market for fresh produce and prefers to hand-select the steaks and seafood. If he’s not greeting diners, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking his famed steaks. For 28 years, Randy’s Steakhouse has been a beloved destination for family celebrations, anniversaries, proposals, and holiday toasts with friends. Randy’s feels like home—because it is.

Randy’s Steakhouse
7026 Main Street
Frisco, Texas 75033

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