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Face of Equity in STEM

Equitable STEM access for PreK through 12th grade.
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Bernard Harris, M.D.

Nationally, one in four students in low-income families don’t have reliable access to high-speed internet at home. While many teachers, students, and families are settling into a new normal of online, hybrid, and social distance learning, the U.S. continues to wrestle with effective responses to the pandemic.

The National Math and Science Initiative focuses on equitable access to high-quality PreK through grade 12 and beyond education, culturally responsive teaching, strong support for educators and administrators, and the development of more highly qualified teachers. NMSI not only works with school partners to determine digital access needs, but also focuses on digital literacy to ensure students, families, and educators can fully leverage digital tools and access. 

For more than 12 years, NMSI has produced and delivered classroom-ready lessons and educator planning materials that empower successful teaching and learning—in-person and online. Dr. Bernard Harris, CEO of NMSI, recalls his mother teaching during the civil rights movement—all while raising her three children on the Navajo Nation as a single mother. Her example set Harris on a path to becoming a medical doctor, astronaut, and managing partner of a venture capital firm. Bernard has made it his mission to expand access and achievement in STEM education, particularly for underserved students across the country. 

“I believe my mother would urge us to see and seize these opportunities, finding ways to overcome obstacles,” Harris says. “She would say, ‘Education creates opportunity’ and ‘It’s our responsibility to educate all students.’ I’m proud to lead an organization doing just that, and I look forward to continuing our work with teachers and students through these challenging times.”

National Math and Science Initiative
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